Joan Walsh @ Culture Night, Solas 2010


Joan is a Songwriter, a Musician, a Singer, a Performer


This was a hard one to face, so I started by copy pasting the past – performance venues mostly from the last century, where I performed and sang my songs; List of songs I have written; Songwriters’ collaboration with IMRO; Traditional Irish Music Course; and the start of a write up on the background to all of this; and The Audacity Project.

Membership – Irish Music Rights Organisation since 1995.

To listen to some of my work, go on over to the list of Songs, and on my YouTube Channel




1993 – 2007           Songs written by Songwriter and Musician Joan Walsh



1993 – 1998

Performance @ Public Venues, Dublin and Country, Ireland. Radio.

1999 – 2004

Performance @ Public Venues, Nationally, Ireland and Aboard. Radio.

2007 – 2009

Performance @ Public Venues, Co. Leitrim, Ireland.

2010 – 2011

Performance @ Public Venues, Co. Leitrim, Ireland.



Traditional Irish Music Course

2008 – 2011           Traditional Irish Music Course, Drumshanbo VEC, Co. Leitrim.



IMRO Songwriters’ Collaboration

1998 & 1999         IMRO Songwriters’ Collaboration, Holiday Inn, Killarney, Co. Kerry.



Songwriting and Music Background / Back Story

1992 – 2014           Joan’s back story to her musical songwriting singing performing journey



The Audacity Project

2014 –                     Digitising analogue and minidisc recordings, and song retrieval.



The Rare Recordings

2014 –                     Digitised analogue and minidisc recordings. Work so far.



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To listen to my work –

on RTE Radio 1                on East Coast Radio                 @ The Dame Tavern                 on Finglas Radio

on Connemara Radio                 @ the Moo Wine Bar                @ The Mayflower

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