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List of Songs

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List of Songs

Songs written by Songwriter Joan Walsh


I have written some lovely and wonderful songs, that people really like and resonate with – Joan Walsh.

Joan has been writing and performing her songs since 1993. She became a member of Irish Music Rights Organisation (IMRO) in 1995. All her songs listed here below were/are registered with IMRO, and are copyrighted.


List of titles of my songs, bar a few. Click on those that are linked to hear them –



Looking for inspiration

Broken love        on Finglas Radio

No matter what you do

Hank        Recording



Long Shadows of Childhood        @ the Moo Wine Bar

Rain River

Flame Stallion (Guitar version)        on Finglas Radio

Flame Stallion (Piano instrumental)         Recording

Looking for the land

Healing my broken wing (Broken Wing)

Heavy Burdens        on East Coast Radio       @ The Dame Tavern        on Finglas Radio

Just Travelling        on RTE Radio 1       on Finglas Radio

Pushover fool        on East Coast Radio

Lean forward

Maybe        on East Coast Radio       on Finglas Radio



Biddy Early       @ The Mayflower and Studio Recording

Still got sand

The Unconscious Insane

What can help

The Cailleach (The Witch / Hag)       on Finglas Radio        on Connemara Radio

Back to the lakes        @ The Dame Tavern        on Finglas Radio       on Connemara Radio

Don’t mess with me        @ The Dame Tavern        on Finglas Radio

Travel Cross Water       @ The Dame Tavern

The Raven Calls

Big Sky Canopies        on Finglas Radio

Take it easy        on Finglas Radio

This was our house

Blue Chevrolet



Misty Blue July        on Connemara Radio

We try our best

My Fairyland

Big Massive Trees

Fool For A Penny        in a Post

Circle Dance

You smiling

Are you willing



Slow ghost dance



So our love         Recording

Magic will come through – co-written with Liam Bonner

Wonder, charm and surprise – co-written with Ben Prevo      on YouTube     performed by the Keanettes

Letting Go – co-written with Rob Burke

@ IMRO songwriters’ gathering, Co. Kerry.



Just to up and go – co-written with Dominic Madden

Someone’s gone missing – co-written with Una O’Boyle

Changes – co-written with Tom Bolger

Red rocks of Sedona – co-written with Jennie Kilroy

@ IMRO songwriters’ gathering, Co. Kerry.



North and South

Breathe In



San Francisco (Full Buzz of Beehive / Full moon on the city)         Recording        @ the Moo Wine Bar        



In my arms

How do I start?

Just me and my dog       @ the Moo Wine Bar

Soldier boy        on Cavan Radio / in a Post


I know, a list of song titles doesnt exactly fill in the full picture, it’s like looking at a plain book cover without knowing what’s inside, and there is a story and a half in each of these songs.

I have sweet f.a photos of me singing cos A. there were no mobile phones / digital cameras back in the 90’s, B. I had a camera with no flash on it.., C. I never asked anyone to ‘take a photo’, just didn’t feature.

So if anyone happens to see this page and does happen to have a photo / video / recording of me singing wherever please do get in touch via the contact form..long shot. Thanks.

Am here adding radio shows / performances to song titles. This is called ‘populating the page with content’ – the recordings of radio shows and one live performance in d dame.


To listen to my work –

          on RTE Radio 1                 on East Coast Radio                 @ The Dame Tavern                 on Finglas Radio                             

on Connemara Radio                   Myspace                 @ the Moo Wine Bar                  @ The Mayflower

Fool for a Penny                   Soldier Boy

Joan Walsh 2014