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Joan Walsh on Finglas Radio

Joan Walsh on Finglas Radio 1995. Pre-recorded and edited.

A one hour show, where I talk and perform my work…19 years ago. Phil Ryan and John O’Reilly both recorded me in the Finglas Radio Studio and asked me questions. They then edited the whole lot and made an hour long program. Many thanks goes to both of them. If memory serves me right I had a dreadful cold and sore throat that day we recorded and I was throwing the honey and warm water into me.

Please note – This was originally on a Cassette Tape copied onto a Mini-Disc and then re-recorded into digital using Audacity. It drops into mono in two places, there are a number of clicks and zaps, and cuts out for a few seconds in Back to the Lakes. I could not remove all the clicks and the zaps. They were embedded in the vocals. I have edited a few bits out. There is of course the sizzle sound of the tape, and if I attempt to remove it it just compromises the sound quality, so leaving as is. Just as well I took a mini disc copy of this tape, a number of years ago, as now the tape’s sound is sloooow.

I enjoy putting these audio posts together and editing the audio, but this is the last one of the radio / performance recordings. Makes you wonder – I had access to a good portable tape deck back then, well I knew someone who had one. Why didn’t I ask for a loan of it? I could have a whole double, triple live Album now from them. What a shame. Still, I am not dead yet.


What features in this Radio show –

Joan Walsh – Songwriter – Vocals, Guitar and Mandolin.

The Cailleach 

Lyrics and music for “The Cailleach” penned by Joan Walsh © May 1995.

Don’t mess with me

Lyrics and music for “Don’t mess with me” penned by Joan Walsh © October 1995.

Take it Easy

Lyrics and music for “Take it Easy” penned by Joan Walsh © October 1995.

Just Travelling

Lyrics and music for “Just Travelling” penned by Joan Walsh © October 1994.

Heavy Burdens again

Lyrics and music for “Heavy Burdens” penned by Joan Walsh © August 1994.

Flame Stallion – the guitar version, the piano version is much nicer – a different tune altogether. In the piano version I dropped the opening line, cos it was too harsh..you really don’t want to be starting a song with ‘Why did she kill herself?’ The piano version starts with ‘She was a girl with a fair fair face’. The ‘killed herself’ line became ‘She took her own life’ later in the song. The ‘Wild Louisiana wind blows’ lyric also got ditched. Mindyou it’s not bad at all, the guitar version. Now I’m thinking, I did first start writing this song on a keyboard, but finished writing it on a guitar, as I did not have keyboard at the time.

Lyrics and music for “Flame Stallion” penned by Joan Walsh © March 1994.

Broken Love

Lyrics and music for “Broken Love” penned by Joan Walsh © November 1993.


Lyrics and music for “Maybe” penned by Joan Walsh © December 1994.

Back to the Lakes

(Sound drops out completely for a couple of seconds just before and the beginning of lyrics ‘Her sisters sat in the sunshine’)

Music & Lyrics for “Back to the Lakes” penned by Joan Walsh © January 1995.

Big Sky Canopies (Instrumental) There are words, but not in this recording.

Lyrics and music for “Big Sky Canopies” penned by Joan Walsh © October 1995.


Joan Walsh on Finglas Radio 1995 –

Part 1 – Duration 15:00
Part 2 – Duration 21:06
Part 3 – Duration 17:45
All rights for copyright retained by Joan Walsh. IMRO member.

I finish the 1 hour program with an expected positive note. So, what happened? In brief, in 1996, I moved into a box of a house with rising damp. Such is life. Thankfully I do not live in a damp house anymore.


Fluoridated Water –

In this Radio program I mention Anemia and Brucellosis, and also the need to clear up the past and issues, which is our responsibility to do so. However, what I was not aware of back then was the mandatory fluoridated water in our National water supply in Southern Ireland (I can’t write ‘Republic’ as we obviously are not a Republic anymore…). I mean I knew of fluoridated water and the vague notion ‘it’s good for your teeth’. What I did not know was how dangerous it was and is.

If your water supply from the tap is from the Municipal supply or from a local water scheme, and you are drinking and cooking with it – please don’t. If you have your own private well, count yourself very lucky.

This fluoridated water has done and continues to do untold damage and injury to the people of Ireland, thanks to mandatory policy since 1965 / 1966. I have no doubt this caused damage in my own life for many years. I have only been aware of this the last 6 years.  Fluoridation of water aka Hydro Silic Acid is banned in 98% of Europe, but mandatory in Ireland. Please see The Girl Against Fluoride for information. And also her (Aisling Fitzgibbon) Facebook Page.

‘Smart’ water meters –

Also see Stop Smart Meters NOW and Boycott Irish Water, to name but a few groups, and information on ‘smart’ water meters / AMR meters (worse) with a non-consent letter and long list of points to send off by registered post whether you have or have not already been fitted with a ‘smart’ AMR water meter. Radiation like this, from AMR / ‘smart’ meters, mobiles, wifi, destroys the connective tissue in the body, etc..

Why pay for poison? Why allow high level radiation into each home, each person…?

Here, a notice of Non-consent is in the front window; the Non-consent letter and points sent by registered post to Irish Water. Result, so far – no water meter has been fitted to this dwelling. The rest of the housing estate has been… AMR meters are worse than ‘smart’ meters.

Joan Walsh 2014


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