IMRO Songwriters Collaboration

Joan Walsh @ IMRO Songwriters' Collaboration Killarney 1998

IMRO Songwriters’ Collaboration

1998 & 1999 @ Holiday Inn, Killarney, Co. Kerry.

What a treat. If ever there was a busman’s holiday, this was the songwriters’ version of a busman’s holiday – the IMRO Songwriters Collaboration in Co. Kerry. I think 1998 was the first year. I signed up, gave my deposit, which was given straight back when I arrived into the Holiday Inn, Killarney, Co. Kerry. I felt it was a big gift given by IMRO to us lot the songwriters for all the years working on our own work. I certainly appreciated it. Not only did I appreciate the opportunity and the meeting up with others and the good company for a number of days, I appreciated the profiteroles..the lovely dinners, lunchtime soup and sandwiches, the breakfasts, laid on, all for us, for nada.

Every morning after breakfast all our names were put into a hat, and then picked and paired up into twos to go write and compose a song for the day. Later we all booked a time to record our work of the day in the ‘recording studio’ set up in one of the Holiday Inn Suites.

In 1998, I co-wrote with – Ben Prevo; Bill Bonner; Rob Burke.

In 1999, I co-wrote with – Una O’Boyle; Tom Bolger; Dominic Madden; Jennie Kilroy.

The IMRO Songwriters’ Collaboration / Collaborative Songwriters’ Workshop @ the Holiday Inn, Killarney took place over four weeks in November 1998, and six weeks in October-December 1999. In 1998, over 70 songwriters participated and in 1999 over 130 songwriters participated. This project was organised by Keith Donald and funded by IMRO.

I would like to add – Many Thanks to Donal McGuirk.

Joan Walsh IMRO Killarney 1998 Disc 1Joan Walsh IMRO Killarney 1998 Disc 2Joan Walsh IMRO Killarney 1999 Disc 1 Joan Walsh IMRO Killarney 1999 Disc 2

To listen to the song Wonder, Charm, and Surprise co-written with Ben Prevo, and performed Here by The Keanettes, that featured on their album The Keanettes.

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