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That’s weird – things are missing and things made public again. What’s the story?And it has reverted back to the way it was months ago, even a year ago….huh.

Welcome to my website.

I constructed this using wordpress, so was behind the scenes here on the dashboard. This online presence is/was quite a ‘challenge’ for me, but I kept it simple so far, added information step by step about my art and my songs. This website is work in progress, with more elements to add..eventually.

It took me alot of time and effort, but I had to do it. You might see a ‘comment’ every now and again when I put pages or posts together. These ‘comments’ I delete when a page or post is sorted. This home page script will change at some point.

Please do explore all the various pages, related posts, posts, photographs, video and audio. Bring a mug of tea.

Joan Walsh, Ireland, 2014.

July 2016 – Application for Solo Exhibition 2017. Accepted. Working title “all about buildings”.

Joan Walsh @ Culture Night, Solas 2010