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Joan Walsh at the Dame Tavern

Joan Walsh performing at the Dame Tavern 1995.

John Hurly songwriters’ night on Tuesday nights @ the Dame Tavern, Dublin, 28th November1995. 19 years ago. Recorded by Frank Jacobsen.

I have just edited and normalized this, and the recording cuts off near the end of Back to the Lakes cos I taped over it at some point ways back when. I don’t know if I performed any more songs that evening. Normally we all sang for about 20 – 30 minutes each. I will email Frank to ask him – I know he still has the original recording. It maybe in a box in a basement. I double checked the cassette tape, played it on and I was improvising on the guitar at home somewhere… and then the tape started to tangle up, so I stopped the tape and retrieved it and wound it up again.

Joan Walsh at the Dame Tavern 1995I edited out me ‘giving out’ at the beginning of the recording about a fellow songwriter who nicked a hook line I had shared with him, and I’m mortified to share me having a moan (if you wish to know..it features in the Finglas Radio show), but it was a very real and nasty situation then. Dastardly it was. I did subsequently get a great song out of that situation though, Don’t Mess with Me, which I sing in this recording. I also edited out me tuning my guitar down to DADGAD cos I took forever !


What features in this live performance –

Joan Walsh – Songwriter – Vocals and Guitar.

Don’t Mess with Me

Lyrics and music for “Don’t mess with me” penned by Joan Walsh © October 1995.

Travel Cross Water

Lyrics and music for “Travel Cross Water” penned by Joan Walsh © 1995.

Heavy Burdens

Lyrics and music for “Heavy Burdens” penned by Joan Walsh © August 1994.

Back to the Lakes (for Mary and Thomas)

Lyrics and music for “Back to the Lakes” penned by Joan Walsh © January 1995.

– I forgot the words in part of one of the verses, and the recording cuts off / ends on last verse.


Joan Walsh at the Dame Tavern 1995 –

Duration – 15:30
All rights for copyright retained by Joan Walsh. IMRO member.
Joan Walsh 2014


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