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Joan Walsh on East Coast Radio

Joan Walsh on East Coast Radio, 1994 – Thursday Viewpoint – in conversation with Sinead McColl.

East Coast Radio, Bray, Co. Wicklow, Ireland. It was in a basement in the town somewhere… 20 years ago.

Tape Noise Warning ! This Radio Show was recorded on a well dodgy tape recorder and so the sound quality is terrible. However, it reflects the times for me then. No technology available to me then at all.

Just pretend you are listening on a radio back then and the summer heat is effecting the air waves. I think infact that was the case back then..

This was my first time on Radio in 1994. I was so nervous..if I can remember, but I come across grand to my ears 20 years later..Bless me. Sinead did a great job interviewing me.

This was saved as a MP3 at 128kbits, after I recorded it onto my PC using Audacity, edited and normalized it. If I tried to take the hiss off the recording by using noise removal it only further took away the sound quality and distorted the vocals. So it is as it is, taped on a dodgy tape recorder in 1994.


What features on this Radio show –

Joan Walsh – Songwriter – Vocals and Guitar.

Heavy Burdens – from my demo tape recorded @ West One Studios, Galway.  

Lyrics and music for “Heavy Burdens” penned by Joan Walsh © August 1994.

Pushover Fool

Lyrics and music for “Pushover fool” penned by Joan Walsh © October 1994.


Lyrics and music for “Maybe” penned by Joan Walsh © December 1994.


Joan Walsh on East Coast Radio 1994 –

Duration – 15:23
All rights for copyright retained by Joan Walsh. IMRO member.
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