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The Rare Recordings

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The Rare Recordings

Joan Walsh on radio, in studio and live.


The first lot of my recordings now digitised and uploaded to my website to be heard for the first time in 22 years and less. Ouch.

Please note that some recordings were recorded on DAT tapes; others on cassette tapes, re-recorded again onto mini-discs; some on CD’s. All in all some recorded onto my PC and edited using Audacity software.

They are not all perfect recordings, but rare…



First, Radio Stations I have performed live on / pre-recorded for –

Connemara Community Radio 1996

Joan Walsh performing live on Connemara Community Radio. In conversation with Gerry Coyne.

Finglas Radio 1995

Joan Walsh recorded and interviewed at Finglas Radio – Phil Ryan and John O’Reilly.

RTE Radio 1 – 7.02 Tim Lehane 1994

Joan Walsh recorded and interviewed in the big RTE Radio 1 Studio for Tim Lehane’s 7.02 Radio program.

East Coast Radio 1994

Joan Walsh performing live on East Coast Radio – her first time on radio. In Conversation with Sinead McColl.


Live Performance

Second, live performances –

Soldier Boy 2011

Joan Walsh performing Soldier Boy live at a venue in Ballinamore, that was aired on Cavan Community Radio. And a one off studio recording.

The Dame Tavern, Dublin 1995

Joan Walsh performing live at John Hurley‘s Songwriters’ night @ the Dame Tavern. Performed every week on a Tuesday. Recorded by Frank Jacobsen.


Studio Recording

Third, individual recording sessions, usually just one take –

*These titles are unclickable at present, except one, as the posts are not published yet. Infact, I still have to divide all the recordings into separate single tracks and save them using Audacity, and also save sound bites of each song too.

*West One Studio 1995

Joan Walsh recorded at West One Studio

*Millbrook Studio 1996

Joan Walsh recorded at Millbrook Studio

*S.T.S 1997

Joan Walsh recorded at S.T.S

*Cathedral Studio 1997 / 1998

Joan Walsh recorded at Cathedral Studio

*West One Studio 2002

Joan Walsh recorded at West One Studio

Toobad 2007

Joan Walsh recorded elsewhere

*Lake Recording Studio 2009

Joan Walsh recorded at Lake Recording Studio 2009. See: Biddy Early & Soldier Boy


Home Recording

Fourth, home recordings –

*Harold’s Cross Cottages 1997

Joan Walsh recording on Tape for Dermot, a bass player.

*Blackrock 2002

Joan Walsh recording on Mini disc – all my songs.



Fifth, ‘albums’, various tracks from recordings burnt onto CD’s on my PC –

*Gone Travelling

Joan Walsh CD, 1999. 12 Tracks.

*Joan’s own Bootleg – songs from the soul (sole)

Joan Walsh CD, 2008. 10 Tracks.


Individual Songs

Sixth, the rest of them – the individual songs in individual posts –

Breathe In


Soldier Boy

Fool for a Penny

Biddy Early

I may add more posts with individual songs in time. That’s it for the mo.

Joan Walsh 2016