Biddy Early

Joan Walsh performing Biddy Early 2009

Biddy Early

March 2009 @ the Mayflower, Drumshanbo, Co. Leitrim.

Joan Walsh performing her song Biddy Early @ The Frost is all Over concert – the Traditional Irish Music Course annual Charity Concert.

I wrote this song back in 1995, after reading the book on Biddy Early, the famous healer of Co. Clare.

Here I perform it at the Traditional Irish Music Charity Concert, The Mayflower, Drumshanbo, Co. Leitrim, Ireland in 2009. I think I am a tad bit nervous here with a cold, and that’s ok.The Traditional Irish Music Course was a great opportunity for us all, guided by the wonderful tutor Mossie Martin. Mossie asked me to sing one of my songs, so I picked Biddy Early, as at the time we were also taught folklore on the course. so I felt it would be appropriate.

“Biddy Early” lyrics and music written by Joan Walsh © January ’95. Copyright and All Rights Reserved.

Live Performance of Biddy Early 2009

Studio Recording of Biddy Early @ Lake Recording Studio 2009

Biddy Early ~ Wise Woman of Clare ~

This is a faster version of my song, way faster than the original, so it was a challenge to get all the words in there. I think the lyrics and intention in the song did get squished somehow by the increase in tempo, but it was a good challenge to try it.

I’ve just realised this I’ve uploaded the unmastered version of this song (just found the mastered version) So I will re-upload it another time.

Lyrics and Music for “Biddy Early” penned by Joan Walsh © January ‘95.
Copyright and all rights retained by Joan Walsh.

Joan Walsh – Composer of “Biddy Early”, Main Vocals, and Guitar.
Patrick Carayannis – Arrangements, Fiddle, Base, Electric Guitar.
Catherine Kearns – Concertina.
Martin Ribes Rosner – Cajon, and Djembe.
Natalia Beylis & Sian Cowman – Backing Vocals.
Philip Wakefield & Liam Cunningham – Sound Engineer.

Recorded at Lake Recording Studio 2009

© 2009 & © 1995 Joan Walsh.

All rights reserved. All songs registered with I.M.R.O.

Joan Walsh 2014

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