Art on the Block

Art on the Block - Joan Walsh 2002Art on the Block

2002 @ Maretimo House, Blackrock, Co. Dublin

Maretimo House is a block of apartments close to Blackrock Village. I happened to be living there for a while.

Art on the Block was the idea of my over the landing neighbour Eithne Casey.

Each apartment had a good sized front room with plenty of north facing light from one large window facing Dublin’s Bay. Eithne offered the idea and her front room for this Art Exhibition of mine. Not only was it an Art Exhibition of my work, but an opportunity for the neighbours get together and meet each other.

Not your usual conventional form of Art Exhibition, but an Art Exhibition none the less.  I was grateful to Eithne for her idea and support. It was something different.

I do not have any photographs of the Exhibition or Exhibition opening itself, unfortunately.

The exhibition included work from my previous exhibitions – The Visual Voice and Visual Voice II, held in the Dublin Writers’ Museum in 2000, and 2001.

Below are paintings I painted while living in the apartment there – an example of which is the above image Maybe Mexico. The northern light was perfect for painting.

Joan Walsh  Artwork 2002


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