about the Art Catalogue

about the Art CatalogueI am writing a post about the Art Catalogue, as the art catalogue does not appear in the Post Archive loop – it has a separate portfolio category.

This all started with me searching for an alternative plugin for the gallery to show my artwork. I wanted to show the artwork in a neat and small scale. Many days / weeks later not finding one, via google, asking in forums, testing different plugins, I came up with a possible solution using the existing full galleria plugin which I already had and happy with.

I enquired with the plugin author what I needed to do – have a single image open up to show the gallery screen, instead of rows of thumbnails. He gave me the solution.

I went ahead with creating the background banner, adding images and text. Anyways the long and the short of it it has taken me weeks and weeks of work, and that’s ok.

I have left each artwork page simple, as in, I have not added a load of introduction. I let each image within the galleries speak for itself and have included title, year, medium, and size, etc.

Joan Walsh 2016