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I have just deleted my myspace account https://myspace.com/joanwalsh. I had set it up in 2007. On it were 5 songs of mine, various photos of art, exhibitions, performance, travels. Listen to 4 of the songs below.

I deleted it as it was not needed anymore as a calling card. I also deleted it because when I went to log in there a few days ago, I could not enter it until I agreed to some very long winded policy changes, and dodgy looking terms of agreement.

I decided to check out Neil Young / Bob Dylan / U2 myspace profiles as examples, and all of them had no music / songs or photos on their profiles anymore, so I took that as very telling. So I deleted my account. I did have it nice, it looked good, but time to say goodbye to myspace and their policies.

I took just a few screen shots of it before I deleted it. Here they are:

Adding 4 songs of mine to this post that were on my myspace profile –

The following songs are unmastered songs of mine recorded and saved on CD before a C drive crashed in 2007 – Hank; Flame Stallion; So Our Love; San Francisco (Full Moon on the City / Full Buzz of Beehive). There were a few more songs recorded, but unsaved on CD, so they went with the C Drive crash also.


2007 unmastered recording.

I wrote Hank on a mandolin in 1993. A dog called Hank I met along the shore at Barna, Co. Galway. I sang it once on Inishmore 1994/1995? at some song contest thing and won. The choice was between return tickets for the boat or a bottle of gas. I went for the return tickets :)

All Rights for Copyright Retained by Joan Walsh. IMRO member.

Flame Stallion

2007 unmastered recording.

Piano track only.

I wrote Flame Stallion in 1994. First on the piano, then transferred it to guitar and then back to Piano, and edited the lyrics here and there, so it started with ‘She was a girl with a fair fair face’. A story of tragic loss, love, betrayal, murder and suicide in a French Colony, America. Oh dear. This is my only Piano song. This recording is a Piano Track only, as the vocal recording went in C drive crash, 2007.

All Rights for Copyright Retained by Joan Walsh. IMRO member.

So Our Love

2007 unmastered recording.

I wrote So Our Love on the guitar in 1998. Strummed. The reference ‘to the top to the top‘ is about going to the top of the Twin Towers, New York on a short visit there that year. ‘Roses’ of the rose bushes in Harold’s Cross. This version is a light weight version of my original. It is missing my certain and definite strum to it.

All Rights for Copyright Retained by Joan Walsh. IMRO member.

San Francisco (Full Moon on the City / Full Buzz of Beehive)

2007 unmastered recording.

Drums version. I can’t remember which version I had on the myspace player, could’ve been a version without drums. Anyways this one is fine. When I wrote this and honed it, I belted it out with full force and emotion. My vocals were full boom, guitar loud and faster tempo. It was prior to 9/11. It was the impermanence. This recording of 2007 is a light weight take on the song in comparison.

I wrote San Francisco in 2000 / 2001. My last night in San Francisco after a trip to USA in 1999.

 All Rights for Copyright Retained by Joan Walsh. IMRO member.

Joan Walsh 2015


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